Grigorios o Erinoupolis

“Grigorios of Eirinoupolis and Vatopaidi was born at Ephesus in 1761. He became a monk of the Monastery of the Life-Giving Spring on Samos. He served as patriarchal protosyncellus* and subsequently as Metropolitan of Eirinoupolis (the present-day Ermenek). In 1802, he was elected Abbot of Vatopaidi, while from 1802 to 1806 he was general inspector of the Vatopaidi met­ochia* in Moldavia. In 1810 he was exiled by the Russians to Kazan; he regained his freedom two years later. On 26 February 1821 he gave his blessing, together with Veniamin, Metropolitan of Moldavia, to the corps of Alexandros Ipsilantis, and contributed in a variety of ways, until liberation came, to the Greek struggle for independence.”