Book: The taking of Monomvasia by Kantakuzenos

The Taking of Monomvasia by Kantakuzenos.”

      Philhellenic: Munich H. Kohler c1835. Tinted lithograph, with modern colour, of the taking of Monomvasia from Peter von Hess’s Album of Greek Heroism, or the Deliverance of Greece / Griechenlands Befreiung … in XXXIX Bildern.[ First edition.] within decorative borders incorporating captions in Greek, German, French & English. The borders are decorated with guns, swords and helmets with the Greek flag to the left; on the right a crucifix and other emblems of the Christian church; at the top Turkish weapons, laid down, with a fez ,and below, sails and naval instruments. in April 1821 prince Alexandros Ypsilantis sent Alexandros Kantakouzenos with prince Demetrios Ypsilantis to Peloponnesosto attack the Ottoman rule there. Alexandros Kantakouzenos participated actively in the revolution and was indeed a leader of Greek troops which made the Ottomans to surrender the fortress of Monemvasia in the summer of 1821. Image bright and clean. Peter( Heinrich Lambert} von Hess 1792-1871, was a German painter, known for historic paintings, especially of the Napoleonic Wars and the Greek War of Independence. In 1833, at Ludwig’s request, he accompanied Otto of Greece to the newly formed Kingdom of Greece, where at Athens he gathered materials for pictures of the war of liberation…”