Eizabeth (Safta) Vacarescu-Constantin Ipsilantis

“Constantin Vacarescu married Ana, daughter of the founders of Kretzulescu Church ( Grand Chancellor Iordache Kretzulescu amd Princess Safta Brancoveanu, herself Constantin Brancoveanu’s daughter ). They built the Magureanu Priory Church ( no longer a priory ) in Bucharest. Their children:
*********- Safta, married to Constantin Ipsilanti, Lord of Wallachia ( 1802-1806; 1807 under Russian occupation ) and Moldavia ( 1799-1801 ) and son of Alexandru Ipsilanti; he is famous for his strong Russian sympathies ( in fact his and Alexandru Moruzi’s sacking by the Sultan in 1806 prompted the Russo-Turkish War 1806-1812 ). …”

Source: Romanian Aristocratic families:http://aristoromania.blogspot.com/