Timeline 1814-1820-Filiki Eteria -Alexandros ypsilantis

“1814 – The Filiki Eteria (Friendly Society) is founded in Odessa.

1819 – Savvas Triantafyllidis of the Friendly Society recruits Sylvester Lazaridis to the intelligence of the F.S. Lazaridis is a Deacon from Pontus and later becomes the Metropolitan of Chaldia. Sylvester in turn recruits Metropolitan Sophroneos, Jacob Grigorantis and others into the Society. In the same year the highly influential Ilias Kandilis /Kandiloglou is recruited but dies. He passes 5000 Roubles from his will to Alexander Ypsilantis for the purposes of running the F.S.

1820 (April) – Alexander Ypsilantis becomes chief in charge of the Filiki Eteria.”