George Xiphilinos (Patriarch of Constantinople 1191-1198)

Xiphilinus George

(from Athens in the Middle ages , by K.M. Setton)

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The papal preparations for the fourth crusade

By Milton R. Gutsch  (page 45–google book)


“The volume has three lengthy appendices (pp. 245–303), composed of an annotated translation of Nersēs of Lambron’s assessment of the issues at stake, the demands and counter-demands made by both sides (cf. the table provided on p. 78); his 1197 dialogue with George II Xiphilinus, patriarch of Constantinople (in office 1191–98); and a well-outlined biography of Šnorhali. One wonders why the first and second appendices were not combined to make a third part of the study, so as to show the aftermath of the once-sustained dialogue that came to a halt at the ill-fated Council of Hŕomklay in 1178, and why the third appendix was not incorporated into the introductory part.”

Églises en dialogue: Arméniens et Byzantins dans la seconde moitié du XIIe siècle by Isabelle Augé (review–