History of the Greek Revolution (book; 1828).

History of the Greek Revolution: Compiled from Official Documents of the Greek Government : Sketches of the War in Greece, by Phillip James Green, (Esq. Late British Consul for Patrass, in Greece), and the Recent Publications of Mr. Blaquiere, Mr. Humphrey, Mr. Emerson, Count Pecchio, Rt. Hon. Col. Stanlope, the Modern Traveller, and Other Authentic Sources

Front Cover
John Lee Comstock
William W. Reed & Company, 1828 – Greece – 503 pages



Prince Gregory Ipsilanti (some genealogy)

  • see : https://www.royalark.net/Georgia/dadan3.htm
  • (ii) Baroness Ilona Sina de Hódos et Kizdia [Princess Irina Mavrocoardato]. b. 1840. m. at Paris, France, 19th May 1864, H.E. Prince Giorgios Alexandros Mavrocordato (b. 23rd April 1839; d. 8th January 1902), Greek Env. Extr. & Min. Plen. to Italy 1876-1880, son of H.E. Prince Alexandros Nikolaos Mavrocordato, sometime Prime Minister of Greece and Env. Extr. & Min. Plen. to France, by his wife, Princess Chariclea, daughter of Jacobus Emmanuel Argyropoulo. Shed. from tuberculosis, at Vienna, Austria, 17th October 1881 (bur. Sina Mausoleum, Rappoltenkirchen). Copyright© Christopher Buyers
  • (iii) Baroness Helena Sina de Hódos et Kizdia [Princess Gregory Ypsilanti]. b. 12th March 1845. m. at Vienna, Austria, 23rdNovember 1862, H.E. Prince Grigorios Ypsilanti (b. 17th September 1835; d. 19th February 1886, bur. Sina Mausoleum, Rappoltenkirchen), Greek Env. Extr. & Min. Plen. to Austria, only son of Prince Grigorios Konstantinos Ypsilanti, by his wife, Princess Chariclea, daughter of Nikolaos Scavany, sometime Kaimakam of Walachia. She d. at Vienna, Austria, 16th October 1893 (bur. Sina Mausoleum, Rappoltenkirchen), having had issue, three sons and two daughters:
    • 1. Prince Konstantinos Grigorios Ypsilanti. b. 9th May 1872. He d. March 1873. Copyright© Christopher Buyers
    • 2. Prince Emanuel Grigorios Ypsilanti. b. at Paris, France, 30th April 1877. m. at Vienna, Austria, 24th February 1902, Princess Smaragda [Esmeralda] (b. at Vienna, Austria, 31st May 1875; d. at Rappoltenkirchen, Gsoehl, Austria, 24th October 1929), daughter of Thomas Michael Galati, Ritter von Galati, by his wife, Henriette [Oriettou Angelica], eldest daughter of Johann [Zannis Nicolas] Scaramanga, Ritter von Altomonte. He d. at Vienna, Austria, 17th December 1940 (bur. Sina Mausoleum, Rappoltenkirchen), having had issue:
      • a. Prince Alexandros Emanuel Ypsilanti. b. at Rappoltenkirchen, Gsoehl, Austria, 2nd August 1904. m. at Athens, Greece, 1943, Princess Aura, née Stamatiadi. He had issue, one son and two daughters:
        • i. Prince Konstantinos Alexandros Ypsilanti. b. 1944.
        • ii. Prince Giorgios Alexandros Ypsilanti. b. 1945.
        • i. Princess Smaragda [Esmeralda] Ypsilanti. b. 1951. Copyright© Christopher Buyers
      • b. Prince Grigorios Emanuel Ypsilanti. b. at Rappoltenkirchen, Gsoehl, Austria, 15th August 1909. m. at Athens, Greece, 26th September 1942, Princess Athina, daughter of Dimitrios Koufoudaki. He d. at Athens, Greece, 20th May 1975, having had issue, two sons:
        • i. Prince Emanuel Grigorios Ypsilanti. b. 1944.
        • ii. Prince Dimitrios Grigorios Ypsilanti. b. 1947.
      • c. Prince Thomas Emanuel Ypsilanti. b. at Rappoltenkirchen, Gsoehl, Austria, 15th August 1909. m. at Istanbul, Turkey, 8th September 1938, Princess Eleni, daughter of George Ralli. He d. at Athens, Greece, 22nd December 1966, having had issue, one son:
        • i. Prince Emanuel Thomas Ypsilanti. b. 1939.  Copyright©Christopher Buyers
      • a. Princess Eleni [Helene] Ypsilanti. b. at Rappoltenkirchen, Gsoehl, Austria, 14th February 1914. She d. at Johannesburg, South Africa, 27th March 1957.
      • b. Princess Oriettou Ypsilanti [Henriette, Baroness von Niebelshütz]. b. at Rappoltenkirchen, Gsoehl, Austria, 28thAugust 1905. m. at Athens, Greece, 21st March 1940, Baron Gottfried von Niebelshütz. She d. at Rome, Italy, 18thFebruary 1951.
    • 3. Prince Theodoros Grigorios Ypsilanti. b. at Vienna, Austria, 10th November 1881. Chair. Expert Cttee. for the Olympic Games 1906. m. (first) Vera, née Keppich. m. (second) at Athens, Greece, 15th September 1922, Princess Maria (d. at Athens, Greece, 1963), née Levedi. He d. at Athens, Greece, 14th February 1943 (bur. Sina Mausoleum, Rappoltenkirchen, Gsoehl, Austria).
    • 1. Princess Charicléa Ypsilanti [H.S.H. Charicléa, Princess zu Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingfurst].b. at Paris, France, 8thOctober 1863. m. at Vienna, Austria, 19th January 1882, H.S.H. PhilipErnst Maria, 8th Prince zu Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingfurst, Prince von Ratibor und Corvey, etc (b. at Schillingfurst, Mittelfranken, Bavaria, 5th June 1853; m. second, at Edinburgh, Scotland, 6th August 1913 (morganatic), Henriette Gindra, Frau von Hellberg, and d. at Bad Reichenhall, Bavaria, Germany, 25th December 1915, bur. Schillingfurst Family Cemetery), eldest son of H.S.H. Chlodwig Carl Viktor, 7th Prince zu  Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingfurst, Prince von Ratibor und Corvey, sometime Minister-Presdt. of Bavaria, German Ambassador to France, Governor of Alsace, and Chancellor of Germany, by his wife, H.S.H. PrincessMarie Antoinette Caroline, eldest daughter of H.S.H. Ludwig Adolf Friedrich, 2nd Prince of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Sayn in Ludwigsburg. She d. at Schillingfurst, Mittelfranken, Bavaria, Germany, 22nd June 1912 (bur. there at the Schillingfurst Family Cemetery), having had issue, two daughters:
      • a. H.S.H. Princess Stephanie zu Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingfurst.b. prematurely andd. at Schillingfurst, Mittelfranken, Bavaria, Germany, 23rd September 1882 (bur. there at the Schillingfurst Family Cemetery).
      • b. H.S.H. Princess Marie Iphigenia Elizabeth zu  Hohenlohe-Waldenburg-Schillingfurst.b. at Podiebrady, Bohemia, 7thAugust 1886. She d. at Schillingfurst, Mittelfranken, Bavaria, Germany, 19th January 1897 (bur. there at the Schillingfurst Family Cemetery).
    • 2. Princess Iphigenia Ypsilanti [Iphegenie, Countess zu Pappenheim]. b. at Paris, France, 30th June 1869. m. at Vienna, Austria, 25th November 1888, Count Albert Carl Ludwig Georg Ersinger zu Pappenheim (b. at Oldenburg, Germany, 14thAugust 1861; d. at Munich, Bavaria, Germany, 25th December 1936), eldest son of Count Maximilian Joseph Karl Friedrich zu Pappenheim, by his wife, Countess Luise Katharine, youngest daughter of Count Karl von Schlieffen. She d. at Munich, Bavaria, Germany, 27th July 1943.

Marcuta Church-Bucuresti-Alexandru Ipsilantis



“In timpul domniei lui Alexandru Ipsilanti (1774-1782), in jurul bisericii se infiinteaza un han cu pravalii, manastirea fiind fortificata cu un nou zid, foarte gros, inalt de sapte metri. In anul 1779 se rezideste clopotnita de zid, pe care se aseaza o placa de marmura cu initialele domnitorului si stema familiei.”

(During the reign of Alexander Ypsilanti (1774-1782),…, the monastery was fortified with a new wall, very thick, seven meters tall. In 1779 it was build a bell tower, where there is a marble plaque with the initials of the ruler and the family coat of arms).




Monastery Three Hierarchs-Iasi/Alexandros Ypsilantis (Greek Revolution)



(Iasi) Trei Ierarhi Monastery (J 1845)

-see https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Trei_Ierarhi_Monastery

“The printing house established at Trei Ierarhi (Three Hierarchs) is considered to be the first in Moldova. The printing press issued the first book in Romanian “Cartea romaneasca de invatatura” (Romanian Book of Knowledge) (1643), and also other reference books for the Romanian culture.

In 1821, it’s from the courtyard of the Monastery Three Hierarchs that was given the signal for the liberation of Greece, through the voice of Alexandru Ipsilanti who presented a Proclamation (28 February 1821) in which he stated the objectives of the Eteria, in it’s fight for the liberation of the Balkan nations.
In 1997, in the monastery’s churchyard was unveiled the bust of Mihai Eminescu, who had lived here for a while.”


“Church’s dedication day is the feast “The Three Holly Hierarchs: Vasile (the Great), Grigore (de Nazianz), Ioan (Gura de Aur), on the 30th of January.

Alexandru Callimaki-Father-in-Law of Constantine Ypsilantis.




Alexandru Callimachi (1737 – 12 December 1821) was Prince of Moldavia during the period of 6 May 1795 through 18 March 1799.

He was succeeded by son-in-law Constantine Ypsilantis.