Niketas and Andronikos Xiphilinos (1047)

“Tax due by Lavra reassessed by krites & anagrapheus of Boleron, Strymon & Thessalonike Niketas Xiphilinos.   Niketas Xiphilinos, krites and anagrapheus of Boleron, Strymon and Thessalonike, was asked by Alexios I to calculate the fiscal charges of Lavra based on a rate of 1 nomisma per 535.5 modioi. As for the area of land to be taxed, Nikolaos II, the hegoumenos of Lavra, declared that his monastery owned 42,705 modioi of land according to the fiscal charges set by Xiphilinos’ predecessor Andronikos (1047) and then by Ioannes Kataphloron, stategos and anagrapheus of Smolenoi, Thessalonike and Serres (1079), excluding the properties of Pallene (Kassandra), whose revenues were paid to Adrianos Komnenos, Alexios’ brother. Xiphilinos was asked to leave the monastery the land included in the census of Andronikos, but to transfer to the fisc that added by Kataphloron 

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