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Eustathii metropolitae Thessalonicensis opuscula : accedunt Trapezuntinae historiae scriptores Panaretus et Eugenicus, e codicibus mss. Basileensi, Parisinis, Veneto / nunc primum edidit Theophil. Lucas Frider. Tafel.

by Eustathius, Archbishop of Thessalonica, d. ca. 1194.

De Theodosio Melitino inedito Historiae Byzantinae scriptore ex codice Tubingensi notitia literaria.

by Tafel, Gottlieb Lukas Friedrich, 1787-1860


Annae Comnenae supplementa historiam ecclesiasticam Graecorum seculi xi et xii spectantia .. Accedunt acta synodi Constantinopolitanae in Soterichi Panteugoni dogmata de Christi crucifixi sacrificio habitae.

by Tafel, Gottlieb Lukas Friedrich, 1787-1860.

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Anna Komnena , Alexiada:



Constantine X. and Eudokia

“When Constantine X. found his end approaching, he
conferred the regency of the empire, and the guardian-
ship of his sons, who had already received the imperial
crown, on his wife, Eudoda Makremvolitissa -^ but he
exacted firom her a written promise not to marry a
second husband, and he deposited that document in the
hands of the patriarch John Xiphilinos. He also en-
gaged the senate to take an oath that it would never
acknowledge any other emperor than his own children.
The names of the sons of Constantine X. who had
received the imperial title were Michael, Andronicus,
and Constantine. The last, having been bom after his
father ascended the throne, was called Porphyxogenitus.^

1 This is doubUesB the temple mentioned by Dion Caasius, who BAys it was re-
garded as one of the wonden of the world. Its columns were monoliths serenty-
five feet in height, and twenty-four in circumference. A preceding earthquake
in A.D. 448 had laid half of CyzicuB in ruins. For some account of the various
public buildings’of this city and their remains, see HofiEinann, GrieeknUand und
die Oriechen imAltertkum, ii. 1605.

‘ Eudocia has been erroneously called the daughter of Constantine Dalasse-
noe. The origin of the name MakremTolitiasa is unknown. She was the
author of awo» called ** Ionia”, a kind of historical and mythological dictionary,
published hj Villoison in his Anecdota OroBoa. Constantine X. is said to have
married Eudocia in the reign of Michael IV. — ^this would make her at least forty-
seven years old at her husband’s death; and as she lived twenty-five years after
the death of Romanus IV., she must have died at the age of soTenty-five.—
Ducange, Fam, Aug. Byt,, 161. Zonaras, NokBHUUnioc^ ii 115, ed. Par. ;
92. ed. Venet. ”

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