History of the Greek Revolution (book; 1828).

History of the Greek Revolution: Compiled from Official Documents of the Greek Government : Sketches of the War in Greece, by Phillip James Green, (Esq. Late British Consul for Patrass, in Greece), and the Recent Publications of Mr. Blaquiere, Mr. Humphrey, Mr. Emerson, Count Pecchio, Rt. Hon. Col. Stanlope, the Modern Traveller, and Other Authentic Sources

Front Cover
John Lee Comstock
William W. Reed & Company, 1828 – Greece – 503 pages



Alexandru Callimaki-Father-in-Law of Constantine Ypsilantis.




Alexandru Callimachi (1737 – 12 December 1821) was Prince of Moldavia during the period of 6 May 1795 through 18 March 1799.

He was succeeded by son-in-law Constantine Ypsilantis.


Maria Ipsilanti


Storia del Risorgimento della Grecia, Volume 1

By Luigi Ciampolini (1846) 




Komnenoi -Trapezounta refs



Eustathii metropolitae Thessalonicensis opuscula : accedunt Trapezuntinae historiae scriptores Panaretus et Eugenicus, e codicibus mss. Basileensi, Parisinis, Veneto / nunc primum edidit Theophil. Lucas Frider. Tafel.

by Eustathius, Archbishop of Thessalonica, d. ca. 1194.

De Theodosio Melitino inedito Historiae Byzantinae scriptore ex codice Tubingensi notitia literaria.

by Tafel, Gottlieb Lukas Friedrich, 1787-1860


Annae Comnenae supplementa historiam ecclesiasticam Graecorum seculi xi et xii spectantia .. Accedunt acta synodi Constantinopolitanae in Soterichi Panteugoni dogmata de Christi crucifixi sacrificio habitae.

by Tafel, Gottlieb Lukas Friedrich, 1787-1860.

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Anna Komnena , Alexiada: