Caterina Cornaro, John Comnenos emperor of Trebizond


…”came from a powerful family of the Republic of Venice, the Cornaro family. Caterina was the daughter of Marco Cornaro (1406–1479), knight of the Holy Roman Empire, and Fiorenza Crispo, a Greek princess, daughter of the Lord of Syros, Nicholas Crispo, and granddaughter of John Comnenus, emperor of Trebizond. This remarkable Cornaro family produced four doges, including Marco Cornaro, doge of Venice from 1365 to 1368. ”



John II Komnenos (at-the-hunt, painting, Bibliotheque de Geneva- William of Tyre , Historia (1460’s)



Miniature from Historia by William of Tyre 1460’s


Maria Ipsilanti


Storia del Risorgimento della Grecia, Volume 1

By Luigi Ciampolini (1846)