George de Trapezond, Komnenoi and more…in Chronique et Histoire Universelle, by Pierre and Jaque Chovet (1642)







Xiphilinos,Ypsilantis, Mourouzis

Υψηλανται-ξιφιλινοι (highlights of their family history since 990 AD-1697AD).

Anna Komnini and Ioannis Mourouzis


Anna was the daughter of Emperor  Alexios Komninos.

Reference: page 95


About Anna Komnini:

“Alexiad” Of The Princess Anna Comnena”

Front Cover
Dawes, 2014 publication – HISTORY256 pages

Historia kai statistike Trapezountos : kai tes peri tauten choras hos kai ta peri tes en tautha Hell enikes glosses / Sav. Ioannidou (1870) :

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Historic Monasteries in Constantinople

Church of the Presentation of the Virgin, Stavrodromion

Church-Mourouzis“was built in 1804, some years after the end of the Russo-Turkish war of 1787. The foundation stone was laid by Prince Dimilrios Mourouzis”

The Holy Patriarchal and Stavropegic Monastery of the Zoodochos Pigi (Fount of Life) at Balukli


“1347 The daughter of John Cantacuzenus, Helena, is presented wearing full imperial regalia to her future husband, John V Palaeologus (1341-1391), in the precinct of the shrine. According to an old custom, when a future empress reached the Capital by land, her meeting with the emperor took place at the monastery of the Zoodochos Pege.”

Church of Saint Dimitrios, Xerokrini – Kourouchesme


“This is borne out by tombstones laid in the church floor: one bears the coat of arms of the rulers of Moldavia, another is carved with the chi-ro emblem and inscribed Tomb of the Great Logothetissa Maria N. Aristarchou born Manou 1813-1888, while a third, in the narthex, belongs to the family of Konstantinos Photiades, ruler of the island of Samos. The church is furnished with an elaborately carved templon surmounted by the lypitera figures in pierced woodwork of the Mother of God and John at the foot of the Cross and with exquisite lecterns inlaid with mother-of-pearl. To the right of the templon is a magnificent woodcarved and gilded double-sided iconostasis. A holy water stoup in the north aisle is inscribed: This fountain was first installed in 1820 by the eminent prince Skarlatos Kallimachos and its basin was enlarged in 1910 through the generosity of lovers of beauty and elegance.

Church of Saint Paraskevi, Therapeia

photoAgiaParaskevi ..”Therapeia was known as ‘summertime Phanari’. The Mourouzis and Ypsilantis families had country houses here …
The Church of Saint Paraskevi was built in 1860 by the widow of the last of the great line of Mavroyenis. “